Callie is EIGHT today!

Callie's 8th birthday partyMy daughter was born 8 years ago today. She came into the world in the usual way–with a lot of pain-induced swear words. But that was followed by the most exquisite relief and wonder at finally getting to see the tiny face that I had been imagining for so many months.

Callie, 7 days old

Callie, 7 days old

Though I was deliriously tired, I couldn’t sleep when we finally got to our hospital room (and not just because nurses kept coming in the room to put rubber gloves full of ice on my privates and press on my stomach to make sure my uterus was shrinking properly, or whatever.)

I just had to keep looking at her and holding her. I was floored with intense emotion. Until that moment I hadn’t known that I had the capacity to love someone that much–a crushing, yet soaring love combined with the weight of responsibility and awe that this beautiful little person belonged to me, was part of me. I fully understood for the first time how much my own parents loved me and I was humbled by it.

Callie has been a delight since day one and–if you’ll indulge me please–I want to share a few things that I wrote down when she was four years old, so I could remember them (and force other people to read) years down the road.

She and I had been living in an apartment for about a year when one day I got a wild hair and decided to bake some cookies. When I offered some to her she exclaimed, “I didn’t know we had an oven!”

Eek. I took that as a hint that I might want to step it up a little in the cooking department.

Another time, same apartment. Our dog had been going to the bathroom a lot in the house. It was just a phase but, obviously, this displeased me. But then several weeks passed without an accident and I forgot all about it. One afternoon I said to Callie, “Let’s take Etowah (the dog) on a walk.” She said, “Okay….and then you’re going to kill that dog?”

Everything you say will be repeated to you eventually.

Laughing Callie and me

Laughing Callie and me

One day we were driving home from a long day at a Disney on Ice show and she suddenly declared, “I’m not going to close my eyes.” I smiled and said “Okay, sweetie.” A few minutes passed and then she amended, “I’m just going to close my eyes because the sun is in them.” She was asleep approximately 30 seconds later.

When she was three she was a flower girl in my friend Anne’s wedding. She walked up the aisle with the ringbearer, a cute little boy named Adam.

A few months after the wedding she asked me out of the blue, “Mommy, what was the name of that boy I married?”

Callie as a flowergirl

Callie’s “wedding” (flowergirl)

And (last story, I promise) once when she was five, she asked me if she could watch a certain movie. She was saying the title of the movie slightly wrong so it took me a minute, but once I understood what she was asking for I said, “Oh! You mean [insert random cartoon movie name here]”. She shot back, “I like to say it the other way…just humor me.”

Hard to argue with that.

I love my sweet, funny girl. She keeps me on my toes and I love every minute of it. I’m so proud to be her mom.

Callie at Big Time Rush concert , 7 years old

10 thoughts on “Callie is EIGHT today!

  1. What a character! I hate to break it to you, but the years go fast,(even if the days can be slow), and when the grandkids come,(they DO, you know, sooner than you’d ever think possible), the time whooshes by! Enjoy every minute!

  2. Love, love, love this. I can’t believe how quickly the last 8 years have gone by. I’ll never forget getting the call in the middle of the night, “She’s here” and not being able to get to the hospital quick enough the next morning to hold sweet Callie. It’s so wonderful to see that our daughters, cousins, can look so much alike, it gives me happy glimpse into what I can expect 5 years from now when Maisy is 8.

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