Is anything better than sister time?

Miller Time? Hammer Time? No contest.

Sister time takes it. The bond we share is so sweet and special, different from how I relate to my brother, though I love him just as much. She knows who I am, and I her, so completely–she doesn’t have to say a word and I know what she’s thinking, I can read her facial expressions to a hilarious degree. I’ve been her tormentor (not too badly) and her protector (at least I tried), and her friend.

We don’t look exactly alike but once people hear us talk and see our mannerisms they are often floored by our sameness.

Steph and Susie 10/25/12

Steph and Susie 10/25/12

I got to spend an afternoon with her (Susie), her kids and my daughter this week and, as always, it was just plain good for my soul. It is especially heartwarming because she has recently moved back to Tampa from California and I am thrilled to be able to see her any time I want.

I also love that I am getting to know my niece (Maisy, 3) and nephew (Walker, 5) better. They are cute little buggers. Callie (my poor only child) loves being a big cousin to them. My sister tells me that my niece is fascinated with Callie and has started claiming proudly that many of her personal items are “just like Callie has”, which totally melts my heart.

The admiration is mutual. Today at Callie’s school I found a piece of writing about a “special moment” in which Callie talked about making her cousin Maisy laugh. Heart melted once again.

Their age difference is the same as between Susie and me, five years. A big deal at their ages, but completely negligible at ours (especially with a little help from my friend Botox-HA!)

Watching them play I said to Susie, “Can you believe I was ever that much bigger than you?” (She caught up and passed me in the height department decades ago–but I am a towering 5’1″, so almost everyone does.) I hope that Callie and Maisy will be lucky enough to have as close a relationship as we do when they get older.

Sister cousins and super-grin Walker

Sister cousins and super-grin Walker

My nephew, Walker, is just amazing, I can’t get enough of him. He is the smartest, most serious little character. Every day this five-year-old kid comes home from school and immediately sheds his school uniform of shorts and t-shirt and puts on a long-sleeve button-down dress shirt, jeans, belt, and John Deere boots. The guy just likes to relax formal-style, okay?

He informed Susie that after dinner he had some “very important phone calls to make”. This was made all the more endearing by his pronunciation of R’s as W’s– “vewy impowtant phone calls”.  It’s a trait he shares with me; I don’t think I pronounced an R correctly until 2nd gwade.

Walker in his after-school outfit

Walker in his after-school outfit

They adopted a cat last week. My sister is so sweet and empathetic that she worried it would hurt my feelings since I recently lost my beloved kitty. Far from it. Though I am still sad, it lifts my spirits to see her kids playing with their new pet. Abby the cat couldn’t have found a better home.

Maisy and Abby the cat

Maisy and Abby the cat

Sister time relaxes me and makes me feel like “everything is cool” like almost nothing else. Do you understand that feeling? Do you have this kind of bond with your sister? Or brother? Or cousin?

Aunt Fifi and Maisy

Maisy and Aunt Fifi (me)


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11 thoughts on “Is anything better than sister time?

  1. So awesome! You are both beautiful! I’m happy your other half has moved closer again. It must be amazing having such an awesome bond. I see it in my girls and it makes me giddy with happiness.

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