(2 mom friends + 2 daughters) + ice skating = 4 smiles

We hadn’t seen Alicia and Livy for about a year. The girls (Callie and Livy) didn’t even remember each other, but that didn’t stop them from immediately having fun together.

I admire that particular essence of being young and free of the social awkwardness and self-conscious shyness that we have as we get older. Kids are in the moment.
All it takes for them is,  “Oh you’re eight, too? Cool, we are friends then. Let’s attempt to ditch our moms in this overcrowded mall.” Or something like that.

When I think about it, when Alicia and I met it was very much like two eight-year-old girls deciding to be immediate friends.

We met at a coffee shop. She was a friend of a friend and we struck up a conversation. Once we started talking we didn’t stop for the rest of the night.

You know how that sometimes happens? When you meet a person and right away know that you are going to be friends? It doesn’t occur often, but when it does it feels like a little gift from the universe.

As we talked we realized that we had a bunch of stuff in common, so much that it was almost weird in fact. I don’t know when in our friendship that we started calling each other “Same Life” but it’s a fitting moniker.

For example:  We are the same age, we each have one daughter and they are the same age. We got divorced at approximately the same time. We are both petite with brown eyes and brown hair (except mine spontaneously turns red sometimes). We both have a brother and a sister. We both like writing. The list goes on and on but it would become boring if I were to continue.

And beyond those “categorical” similarities, what’s more important is that we share a similar outlook on life, a sense of humor, and we just generally tend to see things eye-to-eye.

So, obviously I was stoked to finally meet up with Alicia and Livy again for some girl time on the ice.

Four smiling post ice-skating ladies

Four smiling post ice-skating ladies

We caught up on the past year of our lives as we circled around the crowded rink, while simultaneously trying to avoid running over fallen children and keeping an eye on our own somewhat wobbly, yet fearless, skaters.

Both of our daughters quickly developed blisters and raw spots above their ankles from their skates because neither had appropriate length socks on. While both of us moms had long socks on, we each forgot to make sure our girls did. Oops.

So we added “Failure to provide proper sockwear for child when ice skating” to the Things-that-we-feel-guilty-about/Mom-fail list. That flippin’ list is never-ending.
But they had a great time anyway, despite the open sores and socks filled with blood. (I’m only partially exaggerating.)

I left the rink with sore legs and crampy feet and feeling very happy to have reconnected with a good friend. And excited about the prospect of possibly working together on a mutual blog called….wait for it…Same Life.

It’s not every day that you randomly meet someone who has the same life as you. I think it’s important to make sure you keep those friend-soulmates close, because obviously you have met them for a reason.

Maybe that reason is to share a blog and support each other as writers. Or maybe it is just to simply share fun moments in our wonderful, busy lives. Either way, I’m grateful that the universe saw fit to clear our schedules for a day of skating on Sunday.

Alicia’s blog is called Put The Cat Down. She also wrote about our ice skating day so if you want to read about it from her perspective, you can find it here.

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