Guns pointed at my head all weekend..but only tattoo and piercing ones

It was kind of a rough weekend as far as getting needles stuck in my face/head area goes. And I had it all done on purpose!

I bought yet another benignly masochistic Living Social deal that required needles to be stuck in me. (See my post about acupuncture). This one was for permanent eyeliner. Saturday I went in to get my permanent eyeliner done. Which means that I got my eyelids tattooed. That’s fairly badass, right?

What a strange experience. I took Tylenol beforehand and the makeup/tattoo artist
smeared lidocaine on my eyes so it wasn’t too terribly painful. But still . . .having
someone pull and stretch my eyelids for a couple hours and seeing that tattoo
gun coming right for my eye . . .it wasn’t the most relaxing experience I’ve ever
signed up for.

But worth it, totally. I have tiny eyes that really need the definition of eyeliner. So now I have that all the time! Rad.

I also got my upper right ear pierced on Sunday. My intention was to do it in solidarity with Callie, who thought she was finally ready to get her ears pierced.

I went first so she could see me smiling and not being in pain. However, our little plan backfired.

When it was her turn she dissolved into tears. Apparently when she saw the piercing lady put the “pokey thing” up to my ear it totally freaked her out.

I don't think this looks particularly scary, do you?

I don’t think this looks particularly painful, do you?

She was terrified about how much it was going to hurt. She kept insisting that she wanted to do it but she couldn’t stop sobbing. So we decided to take a minute to think about it over lunch. I definitely did not want to try to talk her into doing it if she wasn’t ready.

After she cried and stressed out some more and accused me of lying to her about how much it was going to hurt—how do I always end up the bad guy in these
situations?—we mutually decided to attempt the ear piercing some other
day when she was feeling a little less trepidatious so it would be a positive experience for her.

I have to admit that I did wonder for a moment how this child could possibly belong to me? I used to pierce my ears all the time with whatever needle I could find lying around! I wanted my ears double-pierced so bad but my mom wouldn’t let me until I was eighteen.

I kept doing it anyway. And she would make me take them out. And I would do it again.

I think when I came home from camp when I was around 15 with them illicitly double-pierced yet again she finally just gave up. Sorry mom, still doing it! 🙂

New earring and puffy, recently tattooed eyes smothered glistening with ointment. Wow. This shot could seriously use some retouching.

New earring and puffy, recently tattooed eyes glistening with ointment. This shot could use some retouching.

After the Great Piercing Debacle of 2013, we salvaged the day by heading to the Children’s Museum. Jeb and Callie had a great time playing there (Jeb especially). Here are some photos of them in action and a great video of Callie acting out the sounds that Jeb was making on the soundboard in the impromptu performance room. Love those two!

Jeb and Callie draw Jeb plays in the waterjebthethespianJeb naps after playing too hard

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2 thoughts on “Guns pointed at my head all weekend..but only tattoo and piercing ones

  1. I’m glad it was worth it for you, but OMG, the thought of a needle coming near my eye makes me cringe. I can’t even put in contacts. I have a phobia of things touching my eye!

    I love the idea of you getting your ear pierced so your daughter could see that it isn’t scary, but I lol’ed at her saying you lied to her.

    Visiting your blog from the Friday Connection Blog Hop 🙂

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