I am in QuickBooks hell

QuickBooks hell

What do you get when you cross a writer with Quickbooks? A big fat mess.

There will be no interesting blog post this week because I am currently undoing the huge mess I’ve made of QuickBooks. This has been my first year doing the billing for our coaching business. Ugh. It is a great understatement to say that I am not an accountant. At all. Words are my friends, numbers have never been,

I neglected to keep a logbook of the checks I deposited throughout the year because I figured once I deposited them to the bank, the record was there, right?

Serious rookie mistake.

I’m now going through the entire year to try to find out which checks match up with which deposits. . . I’d rather be having a couple of root canals. At least you get laughing gas for that.

See you next week.


5 thoughts on “I am in QuickBooks hell

  1. UGH. I did my own taxes for my massage business for nine years, and last year I finally hired an accountant. It saves me weeks of agony. Do this now. Now, friend. Don’t wait. Take the guesswork out. And…good luck!

  2. Oh you bring back memories! We all learn the hard way! Keep notes on EVERYTHING when it’s accounts – date amount who paid, what for – they are the key basic items. And subscribe to good bookkeeping sites that email out tips and give the basic bookkeeping “Basics”

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