Stand-up paddleboard yoga class

You really can do yoga on a paddleboard. It definitely tests your balance and when the wind is blowing, like it was on Sunday, you and your fellow class members drift apart fairly often. In that case, you just pause the posing for a minute to paddle back together. There were also a plethora of anchored sailboats that we had to avoid floating into, but I looked at them as just another way of keeping us on our toes.

Urban Kai SUP yoga class on Davis Islands

That’s me back-bending on the far left!
Photo credit: Urban Kai

Even though my “yoga mat” seemed determined to carry me out to sea, I still found it relaxing and an interesting challenge. And at the end of practice, lying back on the board and being rocked by the gentle waves in savasana–or “corpse pose”–I looked up at the cobalt blue sky and clouds racing by and felt true peace for the first time in weeks.

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Featured Writer at Bucket List Publications. Yep, that’s me!

My post about ziplining was featured yesterday on Bucket List Publications.


This is quite an honor as Bucket List Publications is an immensely popular blog and I am a big fan of Lesley Carter, the editor/writer over there.

I dig her kick-ass, no fear, bring-it-on, fun-loving approach to life and adventure. She brings that same energy to sharing her experience and success with other bloggers and I am beyond thrilled to be chosen to share in her light. . . and her 50,000 followers. 😉

Please click here to see my post, Ziplining the Canyons in Ocala, FL… Awesome!, on Bucket List Publications. As many clicks as possible would be great to give some love back to Lesley for featuring me. Click away my friends. Thank you.


Bucket List Publications

Indoor rock climbing and some other stuff

Climbing the walls at Vertical Ventures

Climbing the walls at Vertical Ventures

I am a lover of all things Groupon and Living Social, so when I saw a Living Social deal for an introductory indoor rock climbing class for two for just $25, I convinced Jeb that we simply had to try it. I didn’t have to twist his arm too much.

We went on Sunday and it was good, clean, fun. I was the first one to climb up the wall and did have a moment just before I reached the top when my fear of heights took over and I got frozen in place. But the instructor said, “C’mon, you’re like six inches away from the top.” So, duly shamed, I ovaried-up and completed the climb.

After that, the fear of heights kind of just got shoved to the side while I concentrated on finding places that I could grip onto well enough to pull myself higher. It was challenging, but I didn’t sweat, which caused me to declare with false confidence that I would probably still go on a walk in the afternoon because it wasn’t that much of a workout. Smash cut to me 30 minutes later with aching arms and passed out in the car on the ride home. 

Climbing a boulder

Climbing a boulder. It’s harder than it looks.

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Ziplining the Canyons in Ocala, FL–awesome!

Canyons_my first zip

It was perfectly clear and mild in early November, about 80°. It seemed like a good day to launch myself out of a perfectly good tree, fly over some deep ravines and lakes, and finish it off by rappelling off a 30(ish)-foot high platform.

So I did that.

And it was full-on, giddy, stomach-butterflying, adrenaline-pumping, permagrin-producing FUN.

Zipliningg smile

Ziplining and smiling

The Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours is located in Ocala, Florida. You might be thinking, “canyons?“ There aren’t any mountains in Florida so how are there canyons? Dynamite. That’s how.

The Canyons is built on an old limestone quarry. For some reason I never even realized that we had quarries in Florida and it was a bit shocking to see the width and depth of land that was blasted away years ago. But it actually formed something quite picturesque. The zip lines are a perfect reclamation of this space, you might even call them the “silver lining” to the destruction that occurred back in the day.

Canyons Zip Line highest and longest hand-brake tower in Florida

Canyons Zip Line highest and longest hand-brake tower in Florida

I have a terrible fear of heights, as anyone who read my post Sky Fail could attest to. I get shaky legs and vertigo (maybe produce a few fear tears) and all that not-so-good stuff. Despite that, I have wanted to try ziplining for as long as I can remember. I even made it an item on my “bucket list” for 2012. So I was nervous but very excited as we suited up in our safety gear and headed out for our first zip.

Our guides, Pat and José,  were super-friendly, funny, and professional. We started with a quick ground-school where we learned proper zip techniques, such as where to put your hands and legs and how to brake (fairly important!) This trial run, in addition to our guides’ clear expertise, went a long way towards easing my anxiety.

But now it was time to try it way up high in the sky.

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