Family Beach Week

Family at Madeira Beach 2012

The whole crew, Madeira Beach 2012

My family just returned from our annual beach week. Its a time-share that my parents have owned for more than 30 years, we go the same week in August annually and we see the same families there every year, too.

It’s not the ritziest place in the world (but it’s not bad either). The pool does always seems to have an oily quality to it that makes me cringe, but the kids don’t seem to mind. I didn’t when I was a kid either.

Rainbow over Madeira Beach

We have been going there for so many years and have all watched each other grow up, grow old, and a new generation born and toted to the beach. It’s like a family reunion. In fact, many years ago, my mom sat with a woman from Chicago while watching us kids play in the pool and, in talking, they figured out that we were related. Not that distantly either. I love our found-by-a-chance Chicago “cousins”. Seeing them is a highlight of the trip every year. Continue reading