I hate homework

I got a prerecorded message yesterday from the Hillsborough County School District informing me that there was now some sort of fantastic (taxpayer funded, no doubt) new website where I can go to create even more homework for Callie. I simply had to log in and there I would find all sorts of math and other academic delights to be explored. Hooray.

The call ended with a guilt-invoking sing-songy reminder, “Remember, parental  involvement is the key to your child’s academic success.” Guess what school board? I don’t want to help with force her to do the homework she already has, much less any extra piled-on BS. So f*** you very much for the offer, but no thanks.

That message was followed by an email from Callie’s teachers about some extra assignment they’d taped to the folder because the kids had ASKED for extra writing practice because they didn’t have as much homework on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Yeah, right. These are 2nd graders. I refuse to believe they are asking for extra homework. If so, it must have been the choice between that and some even less palatable option that the teacher neglected to mention in the email.

Another parent “replied all” to the teachers’ email asking for clarification on exactly what the kids were supposed to do and suggesting that it would be helpful if we got this information sooner than a few hours before bedtime.

Emboldened by her response, and having my own ass freshly chapped by all these recent messages of extra homework, I replied to all with my own email this morning and then hit send before I could talk myself out of it.  Continue reading